My 2nd Stevia Project… The 11th day..

So long that I not update my blog about stevia... bukan apa sejak satu dua tiga empat hari ni busy sikit with my office work.. alot pending task i need settle up first.. of course i need to make this first priority because itu lah my periuk nasi... anyway the truth is i not forget about my stevia tree everyday i siram.. morning and evening..

but the thing is my enemy keep doing something to my tree... tu yang kecewa sikit... tu... now dah 3 pokok i patah disebabkan ayam durjana.. seriously if i know which chicken that crack my tree i will buat dia jadi rendang takpun masak lemak cili api.... my pavarot food..

i also doing some research about stevia project ni... this include the marketing and opportunity that i can benefit from stevia... kerana bende ni baru jadi agak susah untuk dimarketkan.. you need to know the market share in malaysia about stevia.. as what i know there are many company had been involved in stevia but most of them are selling stevia product not plant it.. all raw materiel being imported from china or thailand.. this is because stevia extract more cheaper there then here... we all know that cost of labour over there more cheaper compare to malaysia but we know that the quality of product from china or thailand is below par compare from malaysia... jadi kalau kita nak bersaing dengan china or thailand product... kita hendaklah mementingkan kualiti product yang kita keluarkan..

one more thing that i notice is.. if you want to survive in this industry you need come out with your own consumer product.. you plant it then you market it... it's not so hard lah if we know the correct path... what i already said the market value for this product still new and alot new opportunity that we can grab... cuma kita perlu berkorban banyaklah... for me this just a project.. i'm not intend to make it commercial... try to understand the value on this field... but surely if everything that i plant grow well i will ask someone to continue what i'm doing..

one of friend mention to me that he can help to market the product if i success plant it and make it become consumer product.. he said that alot opportunity can we grab.. he have several contact in Dubai that are interested in funding on project like this... new  thing that not everyone know...we can impress people katanya... hahahha.. no lah  takde cita-cita ke situ... but kalau dah rezeki apa salahnya... but i know not everything is easy...  sure ade obstacle in front... and this thing bukan 1 or 2 month turnover but 3 or 5 years planing... anyway just we see what happen in the future.. :)

about my stevia tree.. seems everything grow well.. maybe i need to think about fertilizer that i should put... my compost not yet mature... i need find out other method... or buy on the shelve... enjoy the picture below...


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