My 2nd Stevia Project… The 28th day..

Assalamualaikum… it's been so long i not updating on my 2nd stevia project.. alot thing happen.. and i busy on my work… but it not mean that i forget about my stevia.. as usual i doing the same thing on my stevia nothing special… tetapi ade juga yang berita tak baik seperti the chicken ruin my stevia sampai patah2 pucuk nya.. dah ade juga pokok yang mati tak tahu kenapa.. emm cannot find the root cause..

Biasalah dugaan.. just take the caution lah.. i cannot find the baja lagi.. but the tree a grow well… below i share the latest picture on my stevia project…

nice looking tree… daun besar-besar… tapi grow straight… 

can you spot the death tree.. :(

tengok pokok tu tinggi je.. maybe i need to cut it.. tapi adakah ia wajar… so confuse.. 


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