News From State... And The Future Project..

Alah... bad news no luck.. currently US on summer... jadi semua stock for seed disimpan didalam gudang.. jadi John cannot buy the seed for me.. alah kecewa nye... emmm.. maybe takde rezeki kot... takpe lah.. just call other friend can help me buy the seed.. anyway.. first stop doing research untuk pembenihan... maybe later when i have the seed that i want to plant i will continue my research back.. for now better i continue focus with my daily work and project..

I also plan to plant chili.. still waiting my cousin get the seed from jabatan pertanian... this project i think have potential to get profit.. we see how.. if  everything doing well i will usahakan tanah at my dusun behind my auntie house.. that place suitable untuk tanam chili.. yelah chili require alot humidity jadi because the land near river.. means water is not an issue... maybe lepas raya i will start plan it properly...


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