PLSQL - New Project On Go...

Started before raya until tak tahu bila... i will swim with PLSQL.. new programming language that i need to learn.. nak dipendekkan ceritalah... this programming language dah takde orang guna dah.. i donno lah why this company still use this ancient languange.. but nice lah learn new thing but have alot issue jugak..
  1. No one want to teach me... i need to learn by myself... nak masuk training pun no training company ajar this type of language anymore
  2. Without knowledge i need to done this by following the stupid timeline..
  3. This is continues on legacy application for sure how they write the code using ancient way.. mesti banyak issue
  4. The document mcm suck.. requirement not gather good enough... letih lah aku lepas ni.. masuk keluar meeting

Need to think on new opportunity in front of me...


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